Users Safety Measures

Thousands of users register every day at Mehndi /, while all the profiles are screened by site administrators, to make sure that only the genuine profiles appear on the site, it is still necessary for you to be on guard as the internet is a vast realm and there are all types of people. Some are serious in their purpose while there are a few who visit for scamming and they deprive genuine honest people of their valuables.

The most common form of scam is called the (Nigerian) 419 Scam, although it has been going on for a long time, it has recently moved towards matrimonial and dating websites. It was originated in the 90’s in emails telling the user that they have won cash prizes and lotteries and asked the users to pay advance fees OR they have a goodies box that worth a lot of money and they want to transfer it to you etc.

Mehndi / Qiran has the least number of scammers and fake profiles ratio compared to other matrimonial websites, we will explain how these fraudulent people work and by following the safety measures provided below you can help us eradicate the few and make Mehndi / Qiran a 100% scammer free zone.

What Scammers do?

  • Scammers usually target religious matrimonial websites; they find honest and serious people. They lure them into their clutches by creating a “decent and God Fearing” looking profile and add attracting fake pictures. So whenever you find something fishy or too good to be true, you should report to the administrator of the site under “Abuse Report” Section.
  • Scammers gain the trust of their victims, they might sweet talk, send you even a gift; call you via phone, exchange photographs etc. You need to be unbiased in the initial sessions of the communication, not to be carried away and observe the other person.
  • At one point of the communication, when the foundation of an acquaintance is formed. The scammer might ask you for money. It could be a donation to some charity, personal crisis, need of family, or asking money for a plane ticket. Please note; whenever someone whom you’ve met recently asks you for money online you should never comply with their demands and report the person to us and we will investigate it. If proof is found we will terminate the profile and report to the authorities.
  • The Scammers usually use another countries login from their country of residence (e.g. if country of residence is U.K / USA they will login from Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, etc). Or their “Login from” country will not appear on top of their profiles.  You must report these types of suspicious profiles and we will investigate.
  • Once scammers are done with their task, they will cut communication permanently. However, you can stop a scammer before reaching this stage.

How can you stop them?

  • As stated before, never send money to them and never agree to do similar tasks, like transferring money from their bank account to yours, cashing a check etc. Whatever they will send you will definitely be fake.
  • Keep your credit card information safe and never disclose such information to anyone. Even if you have found someone and decided to marry. It can be misused.
  • Last but not least, whenever you find such people. Do not forget to report them to the site administrator using the “Abuse Report” Section of the site. Proper action will be taken and your complaint will remain anonymous.

Meeting Real Serious People

  • Don't be confused, it does not mean that every person is to be suspected of being a scammer. Mehndi / Qiran has the least ratio of scammers and fake profiles.
  • Whilst chatting, get to know the person more intimately before taking any serious steps.
  • Never give out your email address or phone number, until or unless you feel absolutely comfortable with the other person.

If you follow the above stated guidelines, you can stop these scammers and frauds. Search Safely! And may you find your match.

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