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Yasir & Ghizlan from Canada (pic)

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muslim matrimonial success story

Alhumdulillah with the grace and help of Allah (SWT) i have found my wife. we got married on the 18th of april. it was such an amazing feeling, Qiran.com is the most useful site for anyone who is looking for a spouse, because matches truly are made in heaven. the day after i opened an account on Qiran.com i found my future wife. we talked for 3 months and i would call her everyday. we met in january 2010, and on march i flew down to morocco and in april we got married. everything happens with the will of Allah and nothing is with power of man. all we can do is make duaa, and have a clean intention and the rest is truly up to Allah. inshaAllah my wife will be joining me in Canada this summer and we'll start a whole new life. thanks to Qiran.com as the sabab, but ofcourse all praise is due to Allah! Alhumdulillah

Yasir & Ghizlan
Ontario, Canada June 2010