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ashrafkhi created this profile himself
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Gender / Age:Male, 53 years
Location:Sindh, Pakistan
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About Myself

As Salam O Alaikum
Alhamdulillah I am healthy, I have 18 years experience of work in a multinational company in Karachi. My fields are IT Finance Travel and Logistics. I am an honest and religious person. I also believe that the wife's expenses should be borne by the husband. I believe in a healthy work life balance and enjoy spending time with family. I like to read travel in my free time. I also believe in open communication and mutual respect in a relationship. I am looking forward to meeting if you wish to continue. I am married and having 5 children in Karachi. Almost all grown up.

Profile Basics

Profile Posted By:Self
Age:53 years
State / Province:Sindh
Residence Status:Citizen

Physical Appearance

Height:5'10" (177 cm)
Weight :156 lb
Complexion:Wheatish Dark
Body Type:Average
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Grey - White
Facial Hair:Prefer not to answer

Cultural Background

Country of Birth:Pakistan
Country of Origin:Pakistan
Family Values:Moderate

Social Background

Education:Bachelors (B.A/BSc/BBA)
Annual Income:not specified  
Marital Status:Separated (with kids)
Diet:Non-Vegetarian (Halal)

My Ideal Match

A life partner with the help of which both of us will do such actions in the remaining life of this world by which Allah will be pleased with both of us and make the life of this world better and we will be together forever in the hereafter.
My search for life partner is not only for the life of this world but always for eternity. Where there is no death there is constant increase in health there will be an increase in physical strength and youth there will also be an increase in beauty there will be no pain sickness pain and sorrow of any kind but there will also be a constant increase in happiness. Will continue to happen. No time will be wasted in your own decoration as well. There will never be a need to wash your mouth take a bath. There shall be no dirt in the body whether in the eyes nose or mouth or in any other part of the body. There will be no need to rest there either. There will be no need to earn money there it is Allah's guest house where guests will always be entertained. To have such a life I need an honest and faithful wife. There is no limitation of race and color all are creations of Allah.

Preferred Partner's Profile

Profile Posted By:Any
State / Province:Any
Residence Status:Any

Preferred Appearance

Weight ::Any
Body Type:Any
Eye Color:Any
Hair Color:Any
I Wear Hijab:Any

Preferred Cultural Background

Country of Birth:Any
Country of Origin:Any
Family Values:Any

Preferred Social Background

Annual Income:
Marital Status:Any

What do you do for fun / entertainment??

Education, Traveling,

What sort of food do you like??

Barbecue, Chinese / Dim Sum, Continental,

What sports do you play or like to watch??

Cricket, Table Tennis, Volleyball,
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