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Ryhab from Italy

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Assalamo Alecum wa Rahmatulah wa Barakatu, thank u Qiran.com, really thank u!! I'm half Algerian and half Italian...I’m divorced from a bad Egyptian man...i have passed really more problems and sufferance whit him! I started on Qiran.com to pass my time and try to not think about my past...i was on line since few days...more men has contact me, but i found in them something not good, not according whit my principles and i was looking for a true Muslim boy, observant and honest...just a serious boy to marry...! One of the members of Qiran.com, whiteout pic, has contact me...i not believed in him, and...ya rabb...he was Egyptian...we started to talk in Qiran.com and then we have take our msn contacts...then...i have blocked him on my msn...because still i not believed in him and i was afraid from every Egyptian man...he sent me a mail, asking me why i not wanted talk whit him...i started to believe in him, started to talk whit him on msn...then i gave him my telephone number...he called me the 1st time...i hear his voice...so clean, so proud voice!! In my heart was growing up a new dream, the dream of a new life...but always step by step...i felt something different in my heart and every day i was waiting for his call...and every day he called me!! HAMDULILLAH!! Every day we met each other on msn, we talked whit cam and i saw his eyes, his smile...the face of an honest, polite boy, not lire...his Muslim look...he had really fear in ALLAH SUBHANA WA TAALA!! I was yet not sure about him...my past was running behind me...and not leaved me in peace to live my new life!! He promised me that he was different and told me that not all men are bad just because are men or Egyptians!! I still cannot believe in my dream...and was in fear that all was false, that it was just my sensation, my hope...but he told me he talked about me to his family...my heart started to fly!!! Really, after 2 years from my divorce, i was loving another boy...now we are engaged HAMDULILLAH! We have done request to our respective embassies for all necessary documents for the marriage! And we are preparing all...i became sure of his love when i saw his eyes cry for me, i never saw man's eyes cry for love...and cry for LOVE ME! I have deleted my profile on Qiran.com to respect him and our love, but now i decided to open it again just for describe my story whit my future husband INCHALLAH! Really i'm changing my life...and i'm starting to open a new book! We will get married in a few months in Egypt INCHALLAH! THANK'S FIRST OF ALL TO ALLAH SWT AND THEN TO Qiran.com!! GRAZIE MILLE DI CUORE DAVVERO!

Lazio, Italy March 2011