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Sofia from Egypt

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i am an engineer from cairo, i was divorced two years before and have three kids, i used to come on Qiran.com for about 5 months, i met lots of candidates, most of them where not serious,they wanted dating. one day a nice guy introduced hiself to me, he is so conservative and he seemed to me from different culture, i am from cairo and he is from asyout (upper egypt), our first meeting was normal, i felt that he is different than me, but what surprised me that he insisted on knowing me , so we met for the second time ,and we talked for about 3 hrs, day by day we became more friends, and to my surprise i fell in love with him by time. he is so romantic, has high sense of human, i see him the best man on earth, i knew he will be my protecter and provider. the moments we spend together are unique, we are living our best days, he got me a precious ring for engagment, and it was in last feast. we plan to get an apartment in new cairo and get married by spring, i have hopes to live a happy life with him after my bad experience with 22 years of marriage. till now he doesnt know that i am writing our own story, may be one day i will tell him.

Cairo, Egypt January 2010